Rigorous service process

to provide you a worry-free experience such as never previously existed. 
1.Collection and management of customer demands.
Every demand message or product trends that our customers demand will be collected by our dedicated staff. 
With practical experience of long term serving on first-line production, our team has an extraordinary analysing and discerning ability for equipment and products, which enable us to efficiently and accurately detect the demands and variations of customers from different position. This will secure solid foundation for the scheme establishment that comes after.

2.Scheme establishment and testing.
The solving scheme that you desire the most, can surely be satisfied by KIMMBINS engineers. 
We customise the solving scheme with the self-requirement that is much higher than the average standards of the current market. Through rigorous test, demonstration, examination and approvement, we thrive to match your demands with the most appropriate products. 

3.cheme implement and archives. 
Handing over products is merely the beginning of service.
From our interaction with customers, we discovered that they struggle with effectively grasping product application knowledge and skills, hence are vulnerable at making objective choices and carrying out necessary product optimisation.  At KIMBBINS, you receive one-stop valued service. No matter if you are only purchasing the products or choose the attached product assembling services. Our systematic archive allows us to accurately trace for each product’s batch number and its application condition throughout its whole life cycle, which facilitate and reinforce streamline management.