Fluid and gas transmission seals​

Hydraulic cylinders and air cylinder are the key actuators during their transmission, the whole sealing system must be able to meet all kinds of extreme conditions that may exist .High-speed and wide operating temperature , high impact load , friction, running time lead to the gradual deterioration of the finish and biodegradable oil, non- mineral oil brought by the application of special media, and chemical compatibility issues, which demands a high standard quality for sealing parts (especially dynamic sealing applications ).

• KIMBBIN KSU88 Hydraulic piston rod seals

The innovative KIMBBIN’ KSU88 Hydraulic piston rod seals with multiple advantages of a low voltage violation , low resistance , wear resistance, anti- extrusion and reliable sealing , especially suitable for the harsh operating environment of equipment after-market , so as to bring the end-user for higher returns.

• KIMBBINS KOR08 rotary distributor series seals

KIMBBINS KOR08 rotary distributor series seals, through special materials and dynamic geometric design it can meet the conflicting requirements of high-pressure , high-speed  and low torque.