Hydraulic Connector Products

Each local KIMBBINS factory stores (KFS) have a large stock of pipe fittings and spare parts which have been put through international certification and rigorous testing. Top-class pipe fittings assemblly and processing, quality testing production lines and strict production processes , providing customers with seemingly " simple" high-quality products. Advanced configuration , on-site emergency service vehicles with complete stock of spare parts, quickly and considerately provide member customers pipe assembly son-site surveying, installation , pipeline optimization design services , reduce downtime and warehousing costs , leading to higher overall efficiency.

• various hydraulic connecting products, almost fulfilling every field.

 From mining , wind power, metallurgy , shipbuilding, construction machinery , rail vehicles , agricultural equipment , fire, chemical , food and beverage , pharmaceutical fields , from hydraulic hoses to industrial hose, KIMBBINS offers a broad ranges of hydraulic products for the modern industry.

• Excellent product performance, proved by evidence.

In KIMBBINS, Zinc-nickel alloy coating has become the standard surface treatment of all steel pipe joint member (makes it distinguishable from the colour zinc or ordinary white zinc that are common in the market ) , nickel content of about 13% plus passivation and closed after processing, giving excellent surface protection,Such as strong wear and corrosion resistance (DIN 9227 salt spray test proves that its  anti-red rust up more than 1000h ) , excellent light gray appearance comparable to stainless steel , and in line with the relevant EU directives and limitations.

Business philosophy of professional integrated service provider , allows us to jump out of the manufacturer‘s production limitations and competitiveness limitations. From the large number of products , we only objectively select the quality and price competitive superb , so that higher returns for for our customers are ensured.

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