Fluid Engineering Seals

As we all know , biotechnology, medical technology , pharmaceuticals , food processing, chemical engineering, oil and gas industries are involved in the most demanding technical conditions , many industry must regularly conduct on-site cleaning (CIP) and site disinfection (SIP); and seal failure could result in significant risk of product or environmental pollution , accidents , shutdown , etc. Thus, for long-term exposing seal materials , not only to should they comply with the relevant international regulations , but also need to have excellent mechanical and physical properties.

KIMBBINS has accumulated a wealth of experience through close cooperation with leading users of hydraulic engineering industry, and has successful developed series of highly matching materials and sealing solution scheme, to deal with the actual process of various concentrations of acid and alkali solution , high-temperature steam , the medium itself and fluid erosion , or even the operating environment that are being directly and frequently impacted on with force. At the same time they also comply with all major standards and specifications .

• Highly matching material series

specifically for Florine ruber-plastics: FDA 21 CFR 177.1550; specifically for elastomers: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600、3-A、USP VI grade、NSF cytoxin(USP 87)、DIN 11864、DIN 11853 etc;

• Hydraulic engineering sealing products series

Standard elastomer seals , dynamic linear seals, dynamic rotating seals, valve seals and custom sealing. 

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